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Download free photos and pictures for your journal, blog, website or anything else*. Use them as they are, or modify them as you need.

We offer free downloadable photos and pictures - and we have no unpleasant limiting conditions. Pictures and photographs can be used for almost any purpose (see below), they are free for commercial use* (and for non-commercial, of course), you can edit them and mix them with others. All you must do is indicate the author and link (and even here are our conditions very friendly - we want everything to be as simple as possible). We are looking forward how our free photos and images help you to achieve your goals.

How to use photographs and images from OpenImageBank

Terms of Use for photos and images from OpenImageBank are simple. Here is a brief summary.

There are only a few activities that are not permitted (A):

  1. Photos and images may not be used illegally and immorally and in a way that lowers the dignity of the authors, the captured persons and objects. Some of the captured objects (eg buildings) may be protected by some rights (eg copyright) and their photos may be used only in accordance with these rights.
  2. Photos and images may not be used without the name of the author and a link to the site If the name of the author is not listed here, just provide the link to us. When used on a web-site, the link must be active (eg a text link: Free photos from The link can lead to the home page or to the page with the photo.
  3. Photos and pictures in full resolution may not be - even in modified form (eg resized) - used in projects serving (explicitly or implicitly) as a source of graphics for further use (eg online galleries).

A few examples of what is permitted (B):

  1. Images and photos may be used in any way (in accordance with the above Rule 1 (A)), they may be modified, used on the Web, in print, in other works etc. The license to download and to use any of our images is non-exclusive (ie other people may get the licence as well).
  2. The images and photographs may also be used as a part of works which are intended to spread (except as limited above in the Rule 3 (A)), such as web templates. Each user of such works must be properly informed that there must be retained the author's name and the link to
  3. Images and photos may be used in blogs, online magazines etc. If they are used often on one website, then it is sufficient to link to OpenImageBank only once - the link must be then located on a page which is no more than one click away from the home page. It is not neccessary to put the link on every page with our images (this does not apply to pages whose main content is gallery of pictures; and there may be used - in accordance with the license - only the low-resolution images). At each photograph (eg in Title tag) must be mentioned the author and (as mentioned in the Rule 2 (A)).

* Some of the captured objects (eg buildings) may be protected by copyright or other laws and if you want to use their photographs for selected purposes (for example for advertising) you must contact the owner of such rights.

Frequently Asked Questions

- Can I use your photo without your permission in my blog? Yes, you get our permission in the moment you download the photo. You must only comply with the rules here on the left.

- Do I have to distribute my graphics for free, if it uses your photos? No, you can distribute it as you wish (eg for a fee, not to distribute etc). Your graphics just can not be (if you use our photos in high resolution) part of any on-line gallery serving as a source of graphics for further use.

- I want to print a poster using your photo. How can I link to you? It is easy. Just place an information about the author of the image (if shown here) and your source - - for example to the corner in small print.

- How can I publish your photos without linking to you? This is not possible. It would violate the license agreement and the photos would be used illegally.

- Where are your photos from? All photos and images in OpenImageBank come from our photographers and graphic designers. The materials are therefore from a trusted source.

- Can I really use your photo in any way and for any purpose? It is necessary to comply with the rules here on the left. For some images the use may be limited, but not by us. Some objects on the photos (eg some buildings) may be protected by law (eg copyright) and if you want to use them for special purposes (eg for advertisement) you must contact the owner of the rights to these objects.

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